Tuesday, 6 January 2015

soutache tie, cuff and earings set

ive been busy getting ready for the CHA convention
one of my projects was this set of soutache
it started with the necklace, which turned into a tie
which lead to buying a men's white shirt
( perry ellis , on sale for $20)
which gave me the idea for the cuffs
( i substituted beads for the buttons)
  and the earing's just finished it off
although the earing's matched they seemed a bit formal for me
so I worked on a few alternatives (below)


  1. you seriously rock girl! if that doesn't get everyone's attention I don't know what will! See you soon!

  2. This is what I call "Statement Jewelry." Absolutely stunning.

  3. My fave earrings are the ones on the bottom right. OMG, they are just wonderful!

  4. Nancy, it was so nice to meet you in the ICE resin class. I tried to find your project in the show case, but ran out of time to check all off them out. I am glad you shred it here. Take care!

  5. Shared not shred....ahh auto correct on my phone can be my enemy sometime, ha ha ha.