Wednesday, 29 January 2014

crochet purse project

i've had this project laying around for a long time
while in the hospital last spring my friend leslie
dropped off a huge box of yarn
between physio and chemo i would make flowers and shapes
i knew i wanted to make a purse
my friend ludgera found some great green felt to match
and my friend carmi found a supply of clutches
for the longest time it just sat, waiting to be put together
finally i got it done!! 

with a few leftover flowers i made a matching change purse

Sunday, 26 January 2014


in november I was introduced to powertex and really loved what it could do
but with Christmas, the storm and clean up
I haven't had time to play
so last week I went to the sculpture supply store and purchased a few supplies
hitting the dollar and craft stores on the way back
making sure I have everything I need when  I find some time
(hopefully this weekend)
above is the project I completed at  the CHA retreat 
after reading several books and watching a few you tube videos
I think i'm ready to take it to the next level!

Friday, 24 January 2014

watch bezel pin project

i don't know how I forgot to include this on my last resin post
it is one of my favourite's
i knew i wanted to make a pin and when I found the metal bee
i thought of summer, my garden and went looking through my old photos
and found some cone flower, perfect
the key and heart balanced it all out
but it was still a bit plain
of course, i hadn't used any wire or beads yet!!
the rest was easy
putting it all together is the fun part
and i'm getting better at pouring resin
if you would like to see the whole project
carmi, the organizer of this resin challenge, has started posting
all the participants work on the resin crafts blog
and also on pinterest

Thursday, 23 January 2014


sometimes it's as simple as heating up my hot plate
while waiting for the wax to melt I looked through my stash
of papers and metal
something sparks an idea
this time it was a bag filled with toy train tracks
it reminded me of my back surgery
before long I was painting away
above one of a series of three

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

trending now---leather!!

I love a challenge and playing with new products
so when my friend carmi presented me with a supply of the latest
I was like a kid in the candy store
so many colors and textures plus all the accessories
I started out by focusing on a simple color palette
and within minutes I had three cut and ready for some glue
easy peasy
add on a faux suede tassel from dazzle it
and I was on my way to creating a dozen!!
(more to show in a future post)

Friday, 17 January 2014

more watch bezel madness

continuing from my last post
once I finished the watch I got to work on a few necklaces
to see the final project 
you should visit the resin crafts blog
 displayed this week at the
 CHA show in california
for the above bezel I used the envirotex jewelry clay
then inserted the watch parts, pressed and let harden
a metal drawer plate, some beads and chain
above I used some watch parts and gears wrapped with wire
more wire wrapped around the bezel adding beads and a key

a dictionary page and watch parts filled this bezel
before adding some resin
the rest just happened

Sunday, 12 January 2014

resin watch bezel challenge

back in the fall my friend carmi sent me a few watch bezels
for her resin time-is anytime! project
carmi posted:
With so many talented followers it is time for me to showcase
 your work on both our blog and at a super event we attend in January:
 The Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show  (CHA)
this weekend carmi is unveiling all the finished pieces 
the first thing I did when I saw the brass watch was
to look through my supplies to see what would inspire me
above a layout of all the found objects I though might work
before I knew it , out came the drill, some wire and leather
I found an old wire bangle a figured why not make a watch

filling in the bezel was the easy part
I figured it was 5 o'clock somewhere
and the ETI resin pour came out perfect
and as always one thing leads to many more
but that will be another post

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

guardian angel

"guardian angel"
encaustic on wood panel
what a difference a year makes
and I couldn't have made it without the help of so many friends
to say thank you I made several paintings
the above was for my friend catherine {cat}
she was my guardian angel
every weeknite for nineteen weeks while in hospital
she visited me
taking care of me, bringing me food, clothing, treats
whatever I needed even if I didn't know it!!
helped me with the "bumps" in the road
listened, laugh and cried
my cheerleader, advocate and germ nazi
I am truly grateful
a few details showing all the wonderful texture
it is a statue in a local cemetery

Monday, 6 January 2014

some of my favorite photos

one of my favorite pastimes is taking photos
of everything, everywhere i go
you just never know what is around the corner
and some of my best photos have been unexpected
that's why I always carry a camera
to check out some more of my photos go to my flickr page

my favorite encaustic

i love encaustic!!
and have been evolving over the past five years
I'm really excited to be dedicating more time so i can
 create every week
to view more of my work
check out my flickr page

my favorite jewelry

some of my favorite pieces
I look forward to discovering new mediums
and challenging myself in 2014