Monday, 30 March 2015

semi-precious by dazzle-it

another challenge from my friend Carmi
this time it was semi-precious chips and some fire and ice agate beads
a little neo chain works great as a tassel and finishes off this necklace beautifully 

Monday, 23 March 2015


 i've been so  busy spring cleaning and organizing my art space
that i haven't painted in months
yesterday i finally got a chance to get back at it
i've been dreaming of water and mountains lately
and think that has influenced my work 
i was stuck for ideas so i started with a simple color palette
of blues , grey and white
i used the heat gun to marbleize the colors together
 and then rubbed on iridescent white paint
then hit it with the heat gun again
i love how the paint floats and cracks
i think this will inspire a whole new series
below a few of the close ups

Saturday, 21 March 2015

tropical punch

back in January at the CHA mega show i was excited to see the launch of a new product
from John Bead and Dazzle-it called TROPICAL PUNCH
finally I got a chance to work with the product
creative director Fernando DaSilva  asked my friend Carmi and I to create
a few pieces for the  Catwalk Show at the Craft Hobby & Stitch International in Birmingham-UK
I worked on a pendant incorporating soutache cord with some of the tropical punch components
and once that was finished I just  had to create the matching earings

Carmi worked on these fantastic flowers
and together we worked on design, assembling and a few extra accessories
what a fun collaboration
see the fashion show details here 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

coast to coast event

save the date
April 9-12, 2015
Coast to Coast Creative Arts
Holiday Inn
Toronto International Airport
970 Dixon Rd.
Painting with Powertex
abstract textured canvas (220)
Friday April 10, 12-2pm
painting with powertex (239)
Friday April 10, 5-7pm
tree of life (354)
Saturday April 11, 1-5pm

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

decorative trim necklace

most of the time it starts with one item
this time it was some beautiful black and gold trim that I received as a sample
at the CHA show in January
I met Larry and Lorine at the Decorative Trimmings booth
and was asked to pick something
the first thing I do is get a basket, I add the item and
whenever I come across something I think might work well with it
I add it to the basket, eventually something sparks and inspires me to start the project
to finally get to make something with it
together they look stunning

Saturday, 7 March 2015

resin clay ring

 inspired by my friend carmi and her new I love resin blog
this coffee break ring is a fun and easy project
 a little resin clay, a metal complex ring bezel and
a few miniature items supplied by carmi
five minutes later and one ring finished , so cute I had to make a second

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

wooden beads and a little rit dye

 while wondering the CHA floor in January
i came across the Rit Studio booth
they where dying wooden bead
wow! why didn't i think of that?!
i picked 2 colors and a variety of sizes
and last week i finally got a chance to
create some fun necklaces
my friend carmi gave me some wax cotton cord by dazzle-it
which worked great for stringing the beads and as always lead me to thinking
what other ways can i use this cord?
so out came the clip board and using a basic square knot i created my first strand
it has been a long time since i worked on a macramé project and really enjoyed it
the second strand i repeated the the half square knot to get the spiral effect
and finally , after some inspiration from pinterest i found this double knot
 i can't wait to work on some more projects