Thursday, 26 June 2014

soutache addiction

for my first project i did something symmetrical
which is a lot harder than it looks
for my second project i just let it evolve
with a little inspiration from pinterest
i think this will make a really nice pin


for my third project i went totally zentangle
doodling with cord
so much fun

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

an introduction to soutache

for months now i have been looking at samples of soutache on  pinterest
 it really fascinates me
i love looking at all the wonderful designs and trying to figure out the pattern
its been a long time since i've done any hand sewing
when i was a kid i was into embroidery and revamping my clothes
my friend carmi gave me some cord , stones and bead from dazzle-it
to experiment with
this was my first attempt
i think i'm addicted!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

powertex angel

inspired by lucy anglin , she names her art work alphabetically,
my first angel  "agnes"
who has always been my muse for all my creations

using a one inch dowel , wooden base and plaster head
i created the body with foil, masking tape and gauze
armature wire for the wings base, covered with masking tape
paper decoration for the wings and a t-shirt for the dress
green powertex and copper colortricx metallic with easy varnish

Friday, 20 June 2014

pebeo paints with debbie cotton

a few weeks ago at the CHA retreat
one of our classes was with decorative paint artist
an introduction to pebeo paints

debbie was wonderful to prepare our canvases with a butterfly design using "lead" paint
using three different types of paint vitrail, prisme and moon we were encouraged to
play with different combinations to see the reactions to each other
it took a few minutes but worth the wait
some took on a stained glass effect while others a marbled look
i loved the way everyone got such unique looks using the same supplies

class samples

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

leather bracelets

having fun creating for my friend carmi 
above, nappa leather from metal complex
(in colors i  would have never of thought to use but glad i did)

above a flat leather with a faux suede braid
below inspired by lovely knots book from dazzle it

Monday, 16 June 2014

wooden clasps

when i first saw these wooden clasps i thought "cool" but would i ever use them??
of course when put to the challenge by my friend carmi i did
using a mix of everything i could find
flat leather, faux suede, neo chain, fancy chain, and fire and ice beads
all found at john bead

Thursday, 12 June 2014

CHA retreat part 2

i managed to arrive at kempenfelt  really early
i had a ton of unloading to do!
(I still don't know how i got all my supplies packed in my little bug)
with help from ava we got everything moved in and
 had a little time visiting and making some jewelry
after my demo everyone got right to work
the smiles told me that it was going great!
I love creating "wax addicts"
thanks again to purple cows for the wonderful supply kits
it made it so easy for the students to create their art
and will be able to continue melting wax at home
and special thanks to madame pickwick for suppling all the canvases

just a few of my students showing off their creations!!
more student samples
I love how everyone put their own spin on it!!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

CHA retreat

all packed and ready to go!
tomorrow  i am heading to barrie for our second annual CHA retreat
i will be teaching an encaustic class
a special thanks to my sponsor
each student will receive a melt craft iron and 10 cubes of wax
and madame pickwick  for supplying each student with a canvas
how many art supplies can you fit in a bug??
25 irons, 250 cubes of wax, 25 canvases , 25 frames
pamphlet's, instruction booklets and collage kits
3 hot plates, 3 larger irons, 2 heat tools
table cloths, wax paper, extension cords and power bars
tons of samples, artwork and demo work
tool kit and extra supplies (just incase)
everything except the kitchen sink
plus my clothes and camera
and i still have room to spare!!

after playing with my own kit from purple cows
 it reminded me of my first experience with wax
back in 2003 i took a class with Claudine Hellmuth
since then ive grown and evolved
and this weekend i hope to inspire everyone 
and maybe create a few wax addicts!!
i will post class samples in my next post

Monday, 2 June 2014

helping out

my friend carmi made this instant glam bezel with vintage image a few weeks ago
i got the chance to help out and finish it for her
the green rhinestone's determined my color choice
(using flat leather from metal complex and eyelet and rivet setter)
and of course i got carried away and made a matching
bracelet and earrings