Monday, 22 June 2015

tropical punch

i love getting mail
especially  when its from my friend carmi
another fun challenge
tropical punch from dazzle-it
see all the wonderful creations on the blog hop here


the collection includes a luscious assortment of Lucite flowers and chain,
round and tear drop beads, three dimensional flowers, filigree components,
 sliders, a unique metal flower maker, retro flower components and polyester pipe

using some dazzle-it gold aluminum wire
i created this fun necklace above
and i love the retro color palette below


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


last month, my drive to the cottage was so inspiring
the sky was blue with big fluffy clouds, the fields, brilliant shades of green
and once i saw the bay i was so relaxed
the water always sooths my soul


Thursday, 11 June 2015

love, love , love shibori

this time last year , my friend carmi introduced me to soutache
little did she know that she was opening pandora's box
I quickly became addicted
well, here we go again
recently carmi gave me three rolls of shibori ribbon
i've seen it in some jewelry on pinterest and really liked the look
(i never got around to finding it)

 once i gathered all the elements i thought would look nice together
i pondered, hesitating really, scissors in hand but not making the cut!
its so expensive, questions running through my head
and finally after weeks of contemplating i did it
using a medium shaped felt  heart i just starting sewing
adding bead , rhinestones , pearls and some trim
once i finished i thought it would make a nice necklace

Friday, 5 June 2015

encaustic painting and finding my muse

recently i spent a week at my friends cottage north of owen sound
it was a wonderful week
the weather was a bit distracting
i spent saturday morning going to yard sales
sunday to the flea market and inglis falls
and Tuesday at the keady market
and i still managed to get 9 paintings done
above are the first 2, at first i struggled to find my muse
but eventually she showed up and i created these 2 painting