Thursday, 25 September 2014


one of the many paintings i created on my week on the bay
i was inspired by a simple color palette of blues and greens
which lead to adding some white and grey
and then a transfer of one of my tree photos
a few details of the great texture created with the wax
 as the cool weather showed up
my mind went to winter
above i created lots of texture using plastic mesh and a circle stencil 
and a small iron to smooth out the sky

Sunday, 21 September 2014

a week of painting

i'm feeling truly bless and grateful to have a wonderful friend who owns this
fantastic cottage on georgian bay
it was a perfect week of painting, waking up to the sunrise, walks on the beach,
 naps, the constant sound of the waves , driving the back roads taking photos
no worries and a little r & r
the best view for inspiration and Sidney (bottom right) was great company
i finished 13 painting with 2 more in the works

a sneak peak at all the wonderful texture i created
as soon as i go through over 500 hundred photos
i will post again

Friday, 19 September 2014

KLIK collaboration

klik© - A New Metal Complex
DIY Program Featuring the 
Ideal Blank Bezel for Resin Crafters!
featuring 50 artist and there creations
check them out on the resin crafts blog
and all the components at metal complex

for one of my submissions i knew i was going to use wire
but needed todrill some holes in the KLIK bezel first
using 3 8 inch pieces of 12 gauge aluminum wire
 it was easy to weave the wire through the holes
looping and interlocking along the way
adding gold beads with  18 gauge wire
i filled the bezel with resin clay and added gold micro beads
and a metal bee on top

and of course i had to try out a few more ideas
the next thought was to get out the soutache cord  beads and pearls

Friday, 12 September 2014

soutache challange

i love how some things just evolve
my friend carmi gave me some glass beads by dazzle-it
not really my color scheme but I was up for the challenge
I finally decided on black, grey and hot pink
after encasing 3 beads in soutache cord i took a break
when i came back all the cords where pushed to one side
and i though "why not do something asymmetrical?"
when i finished one side i was liking how it was turning out
but stumped on what to do for the other side
it would look to busy if i matched the otherside
so i went looking for inspiration on pinterest
something there will help me problem solve
and sure enough i found a fiber necklace that was sectioned into
3 different colors, left side, middle and right side
that got me thinking,  i don't have to use all three colors
so i picked black
and added a few gold beads
i love how it turned out!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Thursday, 4 September 2014

powertex sculpture

one of the European plaster heads  offered from powertex  is " Jonas"
he is so serene looking and I decided to make him as an angel
using ivory powertex , cotton tshirt , cheesecloth and wire for the wings  

Monday, 1 September 2014

encaustic with dynasty brushes

my friend Tracy Moreau sent me this wonderful package 
a large assortment of Dynasty brushes

I couldn't wait to try them out

each brush worked differently in the wax
creating lots of interesting textures
and the bristles , so far,  have held up to the heat!!
encaustic on wood panel