Monday, 26 May 2014

encaustic class

another successful class
 its been awhile since my last horse portrait ( which was less detail)
this time i approached it differently, starting with light taupe and brown
and adding in more details with darker and lighter shades
and at the end used a brown/orange glaze to "marry" it all together

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

nappa leather necklace

i love creating for my friend carmi
usually my table looks like a bomb when off, everything has to be at arms length
but i always know where every little bit is
when i'm in  carmi's studio i sit at a very clean, organized and limited table
its a great challenge to come up with ideas using only a few supplies
but after 30 minutes or so i get into a groove and before you know it i have several pieces
(above supplies from metal complex)
sometimes less is more

Monday, 12 May 2014

powertex and stoneart mask

while shopping at a local art supply store I came across this plastic mask with stand
I loved the shape and could see so many possibilities so I bought two
above is my first project, bronze powertex and stone art

i first covered the plastic with masking tape so the powertex would adhere
then a coating of bronze powertex and then a bit of stone art
the first layer looked a bit flat so I added another layer , then another
finally after five layers i started seeing the texture i like