Monday, 19 January 2015

soutache statement necklace

"midnight leaves"
(statement necklace made with soutache cord, tilapia leather ,
vintage  cabochons, beads, pearls and rhinestone chain, all from john bead )
last summer my friend carmi gave me a preview copy of
 Fernando DaSilva's soutache book
asking me to create a few small samples
well little did she know that I would become addicted!!
a few months ago I was commissioned to create the a showcase piece for John Bead
using their  fabulous line of soutache cords
The necklace was displayed in their “New Innovations” booth at the
 Craft and Hobby show earlier this month

it was a pleasure to work with Fernando, 
at our first meeting I presented my ideas and
 with his guidance and materials selections i immediately got to work
  with his  full confidence in my artist abilities it was easy to get carried away
"the bigger the better"
I started out creating individual pieces, once I had about 20 components made
I started "collaging" them into groups
moving them around constantly until I found a combination I liked
every day I would work on a few pieces and whenever I walked by
my work table I would stop and rearrange
it took me a month to complete using over 50 yards of soutache cord!!
i am so grateful to John Bead for giving me this opportunity
( I would have never made anything this big)
thanks carmi for introducing me to Fernando and soutache!


  1. Lovely presentation of the material. Design is eye pleasing and very attractive........Bravo!!!!

  2. Love this with all my heart.

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