Wednesday, 22 July 2015

encaustic and shellac burn

time for a little experimenting and playing with my blowtorch

i started off with 10 layers of wax
some dripping and splatters
a bit of scrapping
and then a lot of melting!!
the blowtorch can change a whole painting in just a few seconds 
i found some iridescent paint and add it to the middle of the canvas
hit it with the torch to set it in the wax
used masking tape to resist the next layer of white wax
once I remove the tape i painted the rest with shellac
and hit it again with the torch
which created a lovely crackle effect
i can't wait to try some more experimenting!!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

marker rendering

best birthday present ever!!
thanks to my friend carmi
back in January at the CHA convention
carmi introduced our friend Jennifer and I
to the crafter companion booth featuring
we sat and played for a while
( it reminded me of a course I took at george brown college some 30 years ago)
it got me thinking, i really enjoyed the class so i went digging through my old
portfolio and found my art and some old design markers)

with 168 colors to choose from it will be fun
to try my hand again

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


 my latest paintings where inspired by my country drive to owen sound on the may longweekend
the skies went from grey to blue, the fields where array of greens and along side the roads
the remnants of last fall
the foreground grasses where picked from the garden at the cottage
 and the rusted nails used for the fence i found at a yard sale along the way