Thursday, 5 June 2014

CHA retreat

all packed and ready to go!
tomorrow  i am heading to barrie for our second annual CHA retreat
i will be teaching an encaustic class
a special thanks to my sponsor
each student will receive a melt craft iron and 10 cubes of wax
and madame pickwick  for supplying each student with a canvas
how many art supplies can you fit in a bug??
25 irons, 250 cubes of wax, 25 canvases , 25 frames
pamphlet's, instruction booklets and collage kits
3 hot plates, 3 larger irons, 2 heat tools
table cloths, wax paper, extension cords and power bars
tons of samples, artwork and demo work
tool kit and extra supplies (just incase)
everything except the kitchen sink
plus my clothes and camera
and i still have room to spare!!

after playing with my own kit from purple cows
 it reminded me of my first experience with wax
back in 2003 i took a class with Claudine Hellmuth
since then ive grown and evolved
and this weekend i hope to inspire everyone 
and maybe create a few wax addicts!!
i will post class samples in my next post


  1. Looking forward to seeing the class examples. I know your students will love the class. Very impressed with your packing skills.