Thursday, 12 June 2014

CHA retreat part 2

i managed to arrive at kempenfelt  really early
i had a ton of unloading to do!
(I still don't know how i got all my supplies packed in my little bug)
with help from ava we got everything moved in and
 had a little time visiting and making some jewelry
after my demo everyone got right to work
the smiles told me that it was going great!
I love creating "wax addicts"
thanks again to purple cows for the wonderful supply kits
it made it so easy for the students to create their art
and will be able to continue melting wax at home
and special thanks to madame pickwick for suppling all the canvases

just a few of my students showing off their creations!!
more student samples
I love how everyone put their own spin on it!!


  1. Wonderful post presentation on the success of the class for encasutic and showcasing Purple cow tools. Thanks for your leadership Nancy, totally lov'in it.

  2. I can't wait to dig into the fantastic package from Purple Cow and do some more! My daughter is intrigued by the melting wax art and we are going to do it together! Thanks for the introduction to this wonderful medium.

  3. Wow, Nancy--this looks like a fabulous class! I love seeing the way everyone's creative personality shines through in the finished projects. Thanks for sharing the Purple Cows Encaustic love!!