Sunday, 12 January 2014

resin watch bezel challenge

back in the fall my friend carmi sent me a few watch bezels
for her resin time-is anytime! project
carmi posted:
With so many talented followers it is time for me to showcase
 your work on both our blog and at a super event we attend in January:
 The Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show  (CHA)
this weekend carmi is unveiling all the finished pieces 
the first thing I did when I saw the brass watch was
to look through my supplies to see what would inspire me
above a layout of all the found objects I though might work
before I knew it , out came the drill, some wire and leather
I found an old wire bangle a figured why not make a watch

filling in the bezel was the easy part
I figured it was 5 o'clock somewhere
and the ETI resin pour came out perfect
and as always one thing leads to many more
but that will be another post

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