Wednesday, 8 January 2014

guardian angel

"guardian angel"
encaustic on wood panel
what a difference a year makes
and I couldn't have made it without the help of so many friends
to say thank you I made several paintings
the above was for my friend catherine {cat}
she was my guardian angel
every weeknite for nineteen weeks while in hospital
she visited me
taking care of me, bringing me food, clothing, treats
whatever I needed even if I didn't know it!!
helped me with the "bumps" in the road
listened, laugh and cried
my cheerleader, advocate and germ nazi
I am truly grateful
a few details showing all the wonderful texture
it is a statue in a local cemetery


  1. A beautiful encaustic; obviously a deserved gift.

  2. How beautiful, Nancy. What a loving tribute to your friend <3

  3. angels do walk among us, aren't you lucky to notice.

  4. indeed the angels surround you ...
    you have so much to be grateful for in the New Year ...