Wednesday, 8 October 2014

back to sculping with powertex

Bronze Powertex and gold Power Pigments

Green Powertex and Copper Power Pigments
using a plaster heads ("ester" from Powertex), wooden dowel and base
building up the body with foil and masking tape
and 18 gauge wire for the wings
and for the dress and wings I experimented with
 a variety of natural items (seen below)
Power cotton and handmade paper for the wings 
gauze, doily and cotton t-shirt for the dresses
I am getting ready for a show next month
so lots of  " works in progress"  on my tables
it must be the full moon!!


  1. Your angels are totally beautiful!!! What the heck, lol, is powercotton....It looks very cool with lots of texture!! Thanks so much!!

    1. thanks kay. powercotton is a trademarked product from powertex, it's a natural fiber that works great with powertex liquid

    2. thanks Nancy!!! Did you add it to paper pulp to make it look like the picture above??? Appreciate your help & comments on this!!

    3. hey kay, now that I take a closer look, the top angel(gold and brown) is cheesecloth body and wings and a t-shirt dress. the second (green and copper is cheesecloth body, t-shirt dress and handmade paper for the wings, you can see the use of powercotton on my post
      hope that clears things

    4. LOL, I meant the picture of powercotton, handmade paper, gauze, lace doilie and cotton shirting. When I went & looked at the powercotton on the site it looks like it comes in stinglike stuff and you pic right above these posts looks like it is a sheet of stuff or???? thanks again for all your trouble in this ???????? Smiles, Kay

  2. you're right kay, powercotton is string like and the one in the photo is called paper decoration, my mistake