Friday, 12 September 2014

soutache challange

i love how some things just evolve
my friend carmi gave me some glass beads by dazzle-it
not really my color scheme but I was up for the challenge
I finally decided on black, grey and hot pink
after encasing 3 beads in soutache cord i took a break
when i came back all the cords where pushed to one side
and i though "why not do something asymmetrical?"
when i finished one side i was liking how it was turning out
but stumped on what to do for the other side
it would look to busy if i matched the otherside
so i went looking for inspiration on pinterest
something there will help me problem solve
and sure enough i found a fiber necklace that was sectioned into
3 different colors, left side, middle and right side
that got me thinking,  i don't have to use all three colors
so i picked black
and added a few gold beads
i love how it turned out!


  1. Beautiful necklace! I am an asymmetry fan.

  2. I love asymmetrical, great job.

  3. This soooo beautiful!!! Going to try my hand at Soutache as well now just trying to pick out from all the beautiful colors!