Tuesday, 8 July 2014

image transfer with powerprint

the one thing that really intrigued me about powertex was being able to incorporate photos
their product powerprint is so easy to use
 I mixed blue and ivory powertex to create the sky
working on the top two thirds I painted the canvas and then added stoneart to create some texture
paying more attention to the edges
I used bronze powertex for the "earth" and adding an extra thick layer in the centre
letting it sit for 5 minutes to create a "skin" I added stoneart  and gently rubbed it in
this made some really cool cracks
to add to the ground texture I painted some cardboard and powercotton
powerprint is so easy to use
simple apply a thin coat to the area and add your toner based photocopy face down
allow to completely dry ( use can use a dryer to speed the process)
once dried just add water and rub

1 comment:

  1. The texture of this dances through the computer screen. I love it!