Tuesday, 25 February 2014

winged statue

after experimenting with the clear powertex and crochet doily
i decided i was ready for the next level
i gathered up my supplies needed
some armature wire, cheese cloth, cotton t-shirt strips, masking tape. lace trim
and an old Barbie doll's body ( which i covered with masking tape because
powertex will not stick to plastic)
i used the clear powertex because the only other color on hand is black
i started mummy wrapping at the top of body with 1 inch strips of t-shirt including the wings
on the back to help secure them and at the bottom i wrapped around the skirt
i wrapped the wings and skirt with cheesecloth
i found a decorative piece of trim and cut around the design to make a dress
the heart shape worked well as both the top and the scalloped edge on the bottom
now that i am totally addicted and have more supplies
i will be creating a lot more
so stay tuned


  1. great experiment, you have inspired me to create with you Nancy